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  • Westside West Side is the high school I attend. We have a school website that we get assignments on. Where we look to see upcoming events and get information we really need.
  • ToDaY'S MeNu Today's Menu are Ted's assignments, Where he puts up all of our assignments and what's expected to be done.
  • HTML Page on how to write HTML code.
  • freewebspace Freewebspace is the website we use to do all of our assignments.

    My Work:

  • my favorite things When doing my faves I talked about some of my favorite things. Music,Movie and Actor. I presented some photos and explained why I favor the followings.
  • metaphorMetaphors I basically used similes and personification.I used metaphors that meant one thing but was said in another way. I explained what they meant. I got the metaphors from different poems.
  • To a Son To a son is a poem I read. It was basically a father telling his son about life. What's to come and what to watch out for. He used many metaphors. I interpret the metaphors and described what I felt the father meant.
  • Shakespeare's Sonnet One With the assignment One I went online and got different url's to explain a sentence. Url's such as definitions ,poems or pictures.
  • Scarlet ibis When doing "Scarlet Ibis" I read the story first. After reading I explained what symbolism meant and compare the symbol of the scarlet ibis to the little boy Doodle. I wrote a reflection on how I felt about the story.
  • Civil Rights While doing the civil rights assignment I listen to several different speeches and read some as well. I talked about how racism still occurs today and how the civil rights still has a lot of work to be done. I quoted different lines to back up my statement.
  • Irony
  • satire

    My Journal
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